Today was a sad day for my family — after finding out yesterday evening that our cat, Pepper, was suffering from a terminal case of kidney failure, we decided that it would be best to let him go peacefully. At first we were going to wait, in case his condition improved, but things only deteriorated over night. So at exactly 11am this morning, Pepper slipped away into the great unknown. Thankfully the procedure was quick and painless. It was, however, sad and painful to watch.

As someone who has never had to make this kind of decision before, it really wasn’t easy. Both my mom and I agonized about whether or not it was the right choice. If only our cat could tell us what he wanted, it would have been much easier. In Pepper’s case, it had been three days since he had eaten any food and was barely able to walk anymore. The vet told us it was a miracle that he was still alive — given his blood test results. Thankfully the doctor reassured us afterwards that our decision was the right one. Nevertheless, its strange to think that he seemed fine just a week ago. He’d been sick in the past, probably due to his kidneys as well, but nothing like this. Things just happened so fast.

I realize this post doesn’t have a lot to do with this blog, but it does in a weird way. It’s during times like these that we’re reminded to make the most of every moment we have with those we care about (animals or otherwise). If there was ever a reason to strive for financial independence, having more time to spend with loved ones would be it.

Miss you already bud…