Here are some recent stocks I bought for my portfolio — all part of my plan to one day become financially independent. Please keep in mind that I’m posting this information here for information/entertainment purposes only. In no way am I suggesting that you should buy these stocks as well. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing and you’d be better off seeing an investment professional.  Honest.

1.) 40 shares of BCE.TO (Bell Canada) 

I’ve owned BCE shares before and have always made money off of them. Given that they have a history of dividend growth, which is what I’m looking for now, I thought I’d dive back in. Prices are down a little from a high of almost $60 CAD, which makes it look like a good deal. The company itself is going through some restructuring to re-energize its media and telecommunications brand, and I feel positive about its future prospects. Growth is already strong and profits are up.

Globe and Mail Rating: Buy

2.) 15 shares of JNJ (Johnson and Johnson)

This is new territory for me. I was a little hesitant buying an American stock because of the Canadian dollar being so low. Once Oil prices come back up (which they likely will), I imagine our dollar will follow with it, wiping out any gains I make here. But given that my goal is a long term one, and that my tactic is mainly based on dividend growth, I figured it would be impossible to predict where the CAD would be in 10 or 20 years. So why worry?

Johnson and Johnson is as boring as it gets folks. Another company with a solid history of dividend growth, I’m pretty sure anyone with a dividend growth strategy like mine has at least considered buying into this company. Currently, net profits are up, as are net earnings.

Globe and Mail Rating: Buy