Here are some recent stocks I bought* for my portfolio — all part of my plan to one day become financially independent.

1.) 160 shares of (Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp)

UnknownPizza Pizza is a fast food restaurant chain in Canada that sells — well I’m sure you can figure it out on your own. That being said, this particular company only owns the trademark and the trade names which are used by the similarly named Pizza Pizza Limited (PPL) company, which operates the actual Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 restaurants across Canada.

The stocks were hit pretty badly in the market correction that occurred in December and January, losing around 10% of its value in the span of a few weeks. This brought the dividend yield up to just over 6%. Profits, however, are up compared to previous quarters, and comparable to previous years. The dividend also has had a steady string of increases since the great recession of 2008.

What I really like about this stock, however, is that they pay a monthly dividend – as opposed to the more typical quarterly payment calendar that most other companies used. I’ve been wanting to spread out my payments more evenly to make my dividend payments more regular, and this seemed like a good way to do that.

I also don’t have any stocks in the fast food industry — which is apparently something Warren Buffet likes to invest in. I like to try different industries, which isn’t always easy to do on the TSX, given Canada’s smaller market. As I mentioned in my last stock update, I’m intentionally avoiding American stocks for the time being until our dollar has gained some traction against the Greenback.

Here are some quick facts about Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp:

52wk Range: 12.15 – 15.68
Market Cap: 387.36M
P/E: 15.40
EPS: 0.82
Div & Yield: 0.84 (6.58%)

Globe and Mail Rating: Hold

* Please keep in mind that I’m posting this for information/entertainment purposes only. In no way am I suggesting that you should buy these stocks as well. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing and you’d be better off seeing an investment professional. Honest!