Phew, October was an expensive month! Moving into my new apartment with almost nothing meant that I had quite a few big purchases to make: a sofa, some kitchen ware and a couple new book shelves. Thankfully Ikea and Kijiji were on hand to make the whole experience a relatively inexpensive one. I’m not super proud of myself, however, since I also splurged a bit on an Epson Projector. I rarely watch TV (don’t have cable) but I do enjoy watching movies — and movies are way better when the image is 150″ across. Since the projector will be used over a longer period of time, I decided to spread out the expense over the next couple of months.


Net Salary $ 2,909.42
Interest Income $ 1.14
Dividends $ 44.07
Total Income: $ 2,954.63


Rent ($ 675.00)
Food ($ 482.75)
Furniture ($ 663.72)
Office Supplies ($ 118.11)
Cellphone ($ 93.80)
Internet ($ 231.04)
Home Insurance ($ 58.86)
Gas ($ 68.05)
Car Insurance ($ 56.98)
Pet Expenses ($ 58.19)
Entertainment ($ 197.23)
Health ($ 47.08)
Other ($ 22.41)
Total Expenses: ($ 2,773.22)

Income / Expenses Analysis

Percentage of my income saved: 6.14%
Percentage of income earned from passive sources: 1.53%
Percentage of expenses covered by passive sources: 1.63%
Total Money Saved: $ 181.41
Note: The last two figures do not take into account unrealized gains/losses.

Portfolio Analysis

Value at the beginning of month: $ 9,865.57
Add: Additional investments: $ 1,984.62
Total Starting value: $ 11,850.19
Value at the end of the month: $ 12,140.97
Total Portfolio Gain/Loss: $ 290.78

Dividend Analysis

Previous Anticipated Yearly Dividend Income: $ 406.42
Current Anticipated Yearly Dividend Income: $ 478.13
Dividend Increase/Decrease: $ 71.71 (17.64%)
Avg. Monthly Dividend: $ 39.84


Obviously October was going to be an anomaly,  since it was my first month in my new apartment. I had very few possessions to my name, so I had to spend a bit to make my home a functional one. Instead of buying everything brand new, however, I made use of to find deals on cheap, used furniture. Other things, like my internet set up fee, were one time expenses that should never need to be paid again.  I’m anticipating that November will be a huge improvement!

Portfolio wise, my stock are now on the positive end overall, with a small gain of $380.  Short term gains aren’t really the point, however, since I’m in it for the long haul and mostly looking at dividend income. As of this writing, my yearly income from dividends is around $480 per year. That’s almost  %45 more since the previous month!


* Internet – this includes a cable modem and set up fee.
** I bought a projector this month for 910$. I figured it didn’t make sense to expense all of it since it would last me much longer than one month. I decided to amortize it over 9 months ($800/left)