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Value of Portfolio (in CAD):

Chart: Value of Portfolio (in CAD) over Time
All Time Last 30 Days

Canadian Stocks (in CAD):

Name Symbol # Shares Cost Basis Current Value Difference % Change
Algonquin Power aqn.to 170 $2,022.79 $2,296.70 $273.91 +13.54%
Bell Canada bce.to 40 $2,175.59 $2,354.40 $178.81 +8.22%
Brookfield Infrastructure bip-un.to 48 $1,953.99 $2,666.88 $712.89 +36.48%
Emera Inc ema.to 40 $1,910.79 $1,889.60 $-21.19 -1.11%
Enbridge enb.to 35 $1,999.39 $1,736.70 $-262.69 -13.14%
Fortis Inc fts.to 50 $1,969.99 $2,270.00 $300.01 +15.23%
Manulife mfc.to 105 $2,007.09 $2,572.50 $565.41 +28.17%
North West Company nwc.to 80 $2,081.99 $2,495.20 $413.21 +19.85%
Pizza Pizza pza.to 160 $2,048.39 $2,579.20 $530.81 +25.91%
Royal Bank of Canada ry.to 30 $2,038.59 $2,767.50 $728.91 +35.76%
Shaw Communications sjr-b.to 80 $2,264.33 $2,207.20 $-57.13 -2.52%
Telus t.to 45 $1,922.49 $2,002.95 $80.46 +4.19%

American Stocks (in USD):

Name Symbol # Shares Cost Basis Current Value Difference % Change
Caterpillar cat 20 $1,430.79 $2,278.40 $847.61 +59.24%
Coca Cola ko 35 $1,600.74 $1,598.45 $-2.29 -0.14%
Johnson and Johnson jnj 15 $1,392.84 $1,989.45 $596.61 +42.83%

Total Gains/Losses and Analysis:

  Cost Basis Current Value Difference % Change
Value of Canadian Stocks (in CAD): $24,395.42 $27,838.83 $3,443.41 +14.11%
Value of American Stocks (in USD): $4,424.37 $5,866.30 $1,441.93 +32.59%
Value of American Stocks (in CAD*): $5,911.27** $7,378.05 $1,466.78 +24.81%
Total (CAD): $30,306.69 $35,216.88 $4,910.19 +16.20%
* Current USD to CAD Exchange Rate is: 1.2577
** This figure was calculated using the exchange rates at the time when each respective stock was purchased.

Diversification of Portfolio:

Chart: Sector Weight
NameValue (in CAD)% Weight
Consumer Goods$2,010.375.71%
Coca Cola$2,010.375.71%
Manulife $2,572.507.30%
Royal Bank of Canada$2,767.507.86%
Johnson and Johnson$2,502.137.10%
Industrial Goods$2,865.548.14%
North West Company$2,495.207.09%
Pizza Pizza $2,579.207.32%
Shaw Communications$2,207.206.27%
Bell Canada$2,354.406.69%
Algonquin Power$2,296.706.52%
Brookfield Infrastructure$2,666.887.57%
Emera Inc$1,889.605.37%
Fortis Inc$2,270.006.45%


I'm posting my portfolio here for information sharing purposes only. In no way am I suggesting you should invest your money like me, nor should you interpret my stock choices as endorsements of these companies or as stock picking suggestions. If you want to invest your money, I strongly suggest you meet with an investment  professional of your choice first. All investments come with various amounts of risk and it is up to you to figure how you want you to invest your money.


  • DivHut says:

    CAT and JNJ. As blue chip as they come. Great start on the U.S. side and happy to see at leas one Canadian bank listed too. What are your thoughts about BNS and TD? I hold them as well as RY and probably will continue to average down as they all seem quite depressed at current levels but do offer sustainable dividends.

    • Andre says:

      Hey thanks for the comment and the compliment!

      While known for being resilient, I think Canadian Banks are gonna have a hard time finding new sources of revenue in the coming years. The domestic banking market (from what I understand) is essentially saturated… and with the economy currently tanking over here… and the housing-bubble supposedly about to burst (although they’ve been predicting this for years)… I’m not sure how they’re going to keep churning out record profits except through cuts and price hikes (which they’re already doing). Obviously growth would be better.

      On the positive side, Canadian banks are also exploring other markets… I’m sure I read somewhere that TD now has more branches in the US than in Canada.. which sounds promising (I haven’t looked into this very deeply). Yet, whereas the big five essentially have a cushy monopoly here… competition in the US is going to be a lot tougher… The CBC had an interesting article about this the other day, wondering if our banks will have what it takes to succeed. Obviously as dividend-growth investors, we’re interested in rising profits/revenue… and the long term picture is a little murky at this point. But I’m fairly confident that dividends will continue to grow in the near future… so averaging down seems like a good plan. Longer term is obviously harder to predict.

      What do you think?

  • Nice portfolio André. We share a couple of companies! 😉 keep it up. like your blog : clean and clear.

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