So I’m a little late writing this post. To be perfectly honest, I have been living without any internet for almost 2 months now, so it has been hard to work on this site in any kind of meaningful way. Living in a yurt without any electricity will do that to you. Fortunately (at least for this blog’s sake), I’m no longer roughing it and have returned to civilization. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep this short since I don’t remember exactly what happened during most of the month of July.

Here are July’s numbers:


Salary $ 3,013.28
Dividend Income $ 101.87
Interest Income $ 31.59
Total Income: $ 3,146.74


Food ($ 730.90)
Car Related ($ 261.36)
Entertainment ($ 227.94)
Health Related ($ 172.84)
Clothing ($ 120.91)
Pet Related ($ 87.75)
Gifts ($ 84.50)
Utilities ($ 57.95)
Home Related ($ 34.89)
Other ($ 12.95)
Computer* ($ 100.00)
Elective Health Cost** ($ 367.00)
Total Expenses: ($ 2,258.99)

Income / Expenses Analysis

Percentage of my income saved: 28.21%
Percentage of income earned from passive sources: 4.24%
Percentage of expenses covered by passive sources: 5.91%
Total Money Saved: $ 887.75
Note: The last two figures do not take into account unrealized gains/losses.

Portfolio Analysis

Value at the beginning of month: $ 22,968.10
Add: Additional investments: $ 2,331.78
Total Starting value: $ 25,299.88
Value at the end of the month: $ 25,948.22
Total Portfolio Gain/Loss: $ 648.34

Dividend Analysis

Previous Anticipated Yearly Dividend Income: $ 937.36
Current Anticipated Yearly Dividend Income: $ 1,051.22
Dividend Increase/Decrease: $ 113.86 (12.15%)
Avg. Monthly Dividend: $ 87.60

Savings wise, it looks like July was a good month. Although my savings-rate was not as high as I would have liked it to be, I was still able to save over 25% of my income during the month. Ideally I’d rather be in the 40% range, but 1/4 is still pretty good.

July also saw me reach a new milestone of sorts: I broke the $100/month in dividends barrier for the first time! It feels really good to have finally achieved this goal. It sure beats the days when I was only making about $10 a month.

Other than the fact that my portfolio gained almost $900 in terms of overall value, there isn’t much to report — so I’ll just leave it at this for now.

As always, thanks for reading!


* I bought a computer in December of 2015. I figured it didn’t make sense to expense all of this at once since it would last me much longer than one month. So instead I decided to amortize it over 9 months ($100 left for the computer).