Although I started this blog in August 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to include a few prior-month statements to give an idea of my monthly financial picture before I started this blog.


Net Salary: $4410.14*
Interest Income:  $0.07
Dividends:  $44.81


Total Income: $4455.02

*This amount is atypical, since I received three paycheques in June instead of the usual two.


Rent: n/a*
Food: $580.19
Cellphone: $159.00
Bus Pass: $92.00
Car Related: $181.21
Gas: $186.09
Entertainment: $149.24
Health Related: $139.80
Gym: $58.48
Other: $306.95


Total Expenses: $1852.96

* I recently moved from a two year stint in Calgary back to Québec because of a family related situation. My parent’s have graciously allowed me to live with them until I found a place of my own. Typical rent for a one bedroom apartment in my area is around $500-600/month + utilities.

Investments (Gains / Losses)

Value at the beginning of month: $5812.00
Value at the end of the month: $5669.85

Gain/Loss: -$142.15 (-2.45%)


Total money saved = $2602.06

Percentage of my income saved: 58.41%

Percentage of income earned from passive sources*: 1.01%

Percentage of expenses covered by passive sources*: 2.42%

*Does not take into account unrealized gains/losses.


June was a pretty good month for me, albeit an irregular one. I managed to save more than half of my income; however, instead of investing this money, I used it to pay off my move-related expenses which were on my credit card.

If I recall correctly, the market in June was down, which might explain why my portfolio lost a bit of value. I’m not terribly worried about this and still feel pretty confident about my stock choices. I don’t really like to spend my time following my stocks and am more of a long-time holder. I’m more interested in regular dividends than stock values (to a point).