So I received an interesting email the other day from the salesman who sold me my car. He said that he had some questions to ask me and wanted to know when he could call me. When I wrote back asking him what he wanted to talk about, he replied that he wanted to discuss possibly buying back my car and offering me a new one that would cost me less per month. Wow, I thought, that sounds great! Except…

…I don’t really care about cars. My current vehicle was brand new when I bought it, but it also came with a considerable amount of hail damage (this happens quite a bit in the prairies — they’re called hail sales). Although I don’t remember the exact figure, I got around $5k off the regular price because the vehicle was covered in dents. I probably could have gotten more off, but I was never really the negotiating type. Anyway…

It’s funny how people react to my car when they see it — often people ask me why I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. In my case, my insurance isn’t going to cover it since I bought the car that way. Fixing it myself would cost me more than what the dealership gave me. There’s really no point in getting it fixed — if not I would have never bought the car in the first place. And besides, the dents don’t bother me. I have a friend who can’t believe that I’d actually, willingly, without any hesitation buy a hail damaged car — even if said damage was only aesthetic. It actually made him angry. Personally, I couldn’t care less. It’s just a car.

I know quite a few people who would have been tempted by the offer being given to me. Just the other day, a friend of mine decided to trade in his 3 year old luxury car for a newer and more upscale version of the same car. While I’m sure he has no trouble affording it, it’s hard not to shake my head. My mom wants her next car to be some kind of four door Infinity. Starting price is $60,000 — this from a woman who hasn’t driven a car in at least 5 years. Seriously, why? Not that I care about how other people spend their money — that’s their business — I just don’t get the allure. As long as the car is safe, is functioning and has a decent sound system, it could be a Lada for I’ll care! I honestly don’t get it.

Despite the hail-damage discount, however, I regret buying my car. Not because of the damage, but because it was way too much to spend on a vehicle to begin with. I should have bought a used car. Instead of spending 25k + interest, I should have spent $3-5k in cash on a pre-owned vehicle that I could reasonably expect to last me a few years. Maybe longer if I got lucky. Not only would I have saved money on the purchase, but my monthly insurance bill would have likely been lower as well. Thankfully my current car is completely paid off, but I wish I had spent that money elsewhere (like on stocks!).

As for the dealer wanting to buy back my car? I said thanks, but no thanks. I told him that I plan on keeping my current car until it dies on me. Hopefully that won’t be for a long, long time.