General Links:

Name Description
Reddit This sub-reddit focuses specifically on financial independence and is a great source for information.
Yahoo Finance This is about the only thing I use Yahoo for. Great places to find articles on the market -- it's also where my Blog downloads it's financial information for charts, etc.

American Blogs:

Name Description RSS Feed Portfolio Profile
Accumulating Assets I am a 30- something sales rep with the goal of acquiring income producing assets so I can exit the rat race. - -
DivGro "Generating a growing dividend income stream" Y -
DivHut A great dividend and investing website with regular updates and insightful content. Y Y
Dividend Mantra This was one of many pages that inspired me to take up blogging about my own experience trying to achieve financial independence. It's a great source of inspiration; however, it has since been taken over and it's direction is now uncertain. - -
Early Retirement Extreme This is one of the oldest blogs with respect to retiring early. The blogger is somewhat of a legend on the net, and lives on less than $10k a year. Tons of interesting articles, with more added daily. - -
Passive Income Dude I'm currently 30 years old. Watch me achieve financial independence and retire before 42! Y -
Two Investing An interesting blog with two contributors that discusses various investing strategies, including options and dividend growth investing. Y -

Canadian Blogs:

Name Description RSS Feed Portfolio Profile
$25,000 Dividends A young person's journey to receiving $25,000 in dividends per year. Y -
Dividend Beginner Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing Y -
Dividends in Hand "Documenting my journey to financial independence using dividend growth investing" Y -
Fais comme les riches French blog from a fellow Quebecer. Tons of info, with an interesting section on how to make money online. Use Google translate if you can't read French. Y Y
Le Dividende French Blog from Quebec: Independance financiere par la croissance des dividendes. - -
Monsieur Dividende Canadian/Quebecois blog about wanting to quit the rat race. In French and English. Y Y
Mr. Money Mustache This website sorta goes without saying. It's a classic in the financial independence blogosphere and has a lot of readers. If you haven't already checked it out, you should! - -
My Own Advisor One of the older Canadian investing blogs that focuses primarily on dividend growth and ETFs. - -
The Dividend Guy This site has been around since 2005, but changed hands in 2010. If dividend-growth is your strategy, this would be a place to start. Y -

International Blogs:

Name Description RSS Feed Portfolio Profile
Bargain Value UK Blog about investing. - -
Early Retirement Guy Blogger from the UK who tracks his monthly income and expenses, along with his net worth. Regular articles about retiring early. - -