Keeping in line with this week’s topic of living off grid, I thought I’d share a few articles and videos I found around the web that I found interesting.

1.) The Earthships Have Arrived ( )

There’s a great little video in this article that documents the lives of a handful of people who live in so-called earthships. Although I can’t imagine living in a home made out of recycled car tires myself, the idea is surprisingly seductive. Definitely worth watching.

2.) Loneliness and the Off-Grid Dream ( )

Here’s a little article about something I’ve wondered about a lot: the problem of loneliness when you live off grid in a region so far away from people. I might not be the most social person in the world, but it’s still something I worry about. The article tells the story of a Parisian who moves to the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia to live in a hut with not connection to the outside world. His nearest neighbour was a day’s hike away.

3.) Pure Living for Life ( )

This blog documents one couple’s journey to building a fully self-sustaining and off grid homestead. The cool part is that they detail all of their expenses as they go along and offer tips to those who want to

4.) Tiny House Big Living ( ) 

I don’t know about HGTV in the US, but here in Canada there’s a new(ish) show that has come out called Tiny House Big Living. It’s essentially a show about people building and living in tiny homes. It’s really interesting to watch, and the best part is that full episodes can be watched (legally!) on line on HGTV’s own website. Have a gander.

5.) Should Canadians have a right to live off the grid? ( )

Here’s an awesome article that illustrates the very real problem of red tape when it comes to wanting to live off the grid in Canada. The article talks about a woman in Nova Scotia who wants to live off the grid, but has had her efforts hampered by local officials who are enforcing a building code that doesn’t allow it. Totally worth the read.

That’s it for this month’s instalment of “Around the Web”. Hope you enjoyed it.