Here are some recently published articles from around the web that I thought were interesting. If you have a blog post / article you think that others might enjoy, feel free to share them as well (either in the comments or by writing me an email).
1.) 3 Paths to Financial Independence for Millennials


A pretty basic article, as far as money articles go, but it does present three different paths towards retirement. It lacks a lot of “how to” information, but got me thinking about my own strategy and what I was doing. I’d like to think I was on the fast track, but I’m not quite there yet.

2.) Part-time is the new full-time

(The Sydney Morning Herald)

Found this one on Reddit and it struck a chord with me. I’ve been thinking about maybe reducing my hours at work so that I can focus on different things — like developing alternative sources of income. I’m so over the 9 to 5 thing… or in my case 8 to 4 thing.

3.) Meet a dividend investor who’s on his way to early retirement

(The Globe and Mail)

Great little article about about a fellow Canadian who saves his money to invest in dividend growth stocks. He also has his own blog. There are some investing ideas included as well.

4.) Want to live in a tiny house?


Tiny houses have been an obsession of mine for a while now. I probably have a half dozen books on the subject and continually dream about living simply in a yurt (or sail boat). Here’s an interesting article about the emerging Tiny House movement and how a company in New Hampshire let’s you test out a tiny house for a weekend before you decide to take the plunge.