Although I started this blog in August 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to include a few prior-month statements to give an idea of my monthly financial picture before I started this blog.


Net Salary: $2905.84
Interest Income: $0.09
Dividends: $37.65


Total Income: $2943.58


Rent: n/a*
Food: $424.70
Cellphone: $90.00
Bus Pass: $92.00
Car Related: $100.27
Gas: $147.06
Entertainment: $48.49
Health Related: $68.30
Dentist: $164.30
Gym: $69.00
Other: $265.94


Total Expenses: -$1470.06

* I recently moved from a two year stint in Calgary back to Québec because of a family related situation. My parent’s have graciously allowed me to live with them until I found a place of my own. Typical rent for a one bedroom apartment in my area is around $500-600/month + utilities. 

Investments (Gains / Losses)

Value at the beginning of month: $5669.85
Value at the end of the month: $6007.00

Gain/Loss: $337.15 (%5.95)


Total Money Saved: $1473.52

Percentage of my income saved: 50.06%

Percentage of income earned from passive sources*: 1.28%

Percentage of expenses covered by passive sources*: 2.57%

*Does not take into account unrealized gains/losses.


July was another good month for me. I managed to save just over 50% of my income. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reinvest this income because I used this money to pay off expenses related to the purchase of my new home (legal fees, inspections, property taxes, etc). I chose not to post these fees  because they were atypical expenses, and since I’m only posting  June and July to give an idea of my expenses prior to the creation this blog, it felt counter productive to put them here.

The stock market was up this month and I manage to recoup the losses I incurred from the previous month and then some.