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Where have I been? Where am I going?


It’s been a while since I last updated this blog — 2 months to be precise! Despite what it may look like, I haven’t actually abandoned GoGoAssets and wish I could’ve updated it during the time I was away. Unfortunately my decision to move into a yurt that had neither electricity nor internet access meant updating this […] Read more »

Income & Expenses: August 2016

Aug 3, 2016

August was a fun month — although, as you’ll see, it was a considerable drain on the pocket book. The biggest thing that happened was deciding to go on a cross country road trip through the US and Canada. In the end, I spent two and half weeks driving from Quebec to British Columbia, mostly […] Read more »

Income & Expenses: July 2016

July 18, 2016

So I’m a little late writing this post. To be perfectly honest, I have been living without any internet for almost 2 months now, so it has been hard to work on this site in any kind of meaningful way. Living in a yurt without any electricity will do that to you. Fortunately (at least for this blog’s sake), I’m […] Read more »

Recent Stock Purchase #7: Brookfield Infrastructure Partners


15 Shares of Shaw Communications Why did I choose Shaw Communications? 1.) I had $300 of leftover RRSP room 2.) I already owned the stock and wanted to recoup some of my loses faster 3.) It pays dividends on a monthly basis 32 Shares of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Why did I choose Brookfield Infrastructure Partners? […] Read more »

Income & Expenses: June 2016

June 18th, 2016

June was another crazy month for me! The yurt is FINALLY finished and I officially moved in last week. The first week has been great, albeit not without it’s share of problems. Nothing major thankfully. The most surprising aspects of living in a yurt has been my newfound connectedness to the weather / surrounding nature. […] Read more »

Interview: Keith Park from DivHut.com


Keith Park from DivHut.com was kind enough to do an interview for me — the results of which you’ll find below. There’s a lot of great and useful information on his blog, so if you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to do so. In the meantime, enjoy the interview! Q: I just noticed […] Read more »

Income & Expenses: May 2016

May 21st, 2016

I honestly can’t believe that May has already come and gone! Just like in April, I spent most of my free time in May working on building a yurt, making sure that it’s ready to move into for end of June. I don’t have much of a choice to get it done since my lease ends at […] Read more »

Dividend Growth and the Environment

May 18th, 2016

I like to consider myself an environmentalist of sorts. Maybe this has something to do with me having been raised in British Columbia, where we hippy-dippy types are endemic. It’s not uncommon on the west coast to hear about people putting their lives on the line to save an old growth forest or a group of […] Read more »

Recent Stock Purchase #6: Coca Cola

May 9th, 2016

Here are some recent stocks I bought for my portfolio — all part of my plan to one day become financially independent. 35 Shares of KO (Coca Cola) I can’t imagine there is a single air breathing humanoid on this planet (over the age of 10) that hasn’t ever heard of Cola Cola or seen its ubiquitous red logo. […] Read more »

Income & Expenses: April 2016


Intro So April wasn’t exactly stellar in terms of saving money or investing, but I’ve been putting my money to good use. The only real blip I can see is my monthly food bill, which was higher than what I’ve been posting lately. I thought I had this food budget thing under control, but it […] Read more »